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SGS can help manufacturers responsible for functional safety software within household appliances and other devices to comply with the relevant safety standards.

In the context of functional safety testing and approval, the evaluation of safety-relevant software has become increasingly important in recent years. Software manufacturers, and device-makers that use functional safety applications, must test their operating systems to ensure compliance and become functional safety approved. This is where we can help.

Functional 安全 dafabetcasino手机版 for Software

We offer a range of software assessment and related services, such as tool certification, benefiting organisations including generic and application software manufacturers, and those making development and verification tools.

我们的培训, 咨询公司, assessment and certification services relating to software functional safety cover:

  • Application software (e.g. control systems)
  • Operating systems
  • 编译器
  • Code generators
  • Functional modules
  • Communication protocols
  • Simulation tools
  • Visualisation tools
  • Electrical appliances control software
  • Software related to, or included in, medical devices

Offering industry-specific yet industry-independent evaluation of safety-relevant software, plus comprehensive 咨询公司 services regarding the safety-related life cycle, SGS is a test and inspection accredited body. Our experts are well-versed in the application of international standards including: IEC 61508, IEC 62061, ISO 13849, ISO 26262, IEC 60335/IEC 60730, IEC 60601-1/IEC 62304, EN 50128 and EN 50657.

Application Qualification

We’re also able to qualify applications, 操作系统内核, libraries and so on as COTS, 汤, pre-existing or legal software according to the various functional safety standards. 除了, we can support organisations as an expert partner in consortiums and alliances; we currently take part in numerous functional safety projects funded by grants.

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