政府 and 贸易便利化

From customs clearance and cross-border e-invoicing to fighting illicit trade, SGS offers a range of government and trade facilitation services to support international trade.

Whether you are an importer, 出口国, manufacturer or administrative body, we can smooth and accelerate the process of trading across borders while securing 合规.  

Trading across international borders involves additional work, checks and procedures that can be time-consuming and costly. We offer a comprehensive range of services and automated systems that can ease this burden and help you trade safely, legitimately and efficiently throughout the world.  


In addition, we also offer a range of services that support governments and administrative agencies. These include diagnostics, 培训, 风险分析, 合规, certification and operational support for international trade. Our services can help reduce fraud, calculate and receive correct duties, increase VAT revenues fight illicit trade, and assessing 合规 of imported products, leading to better and safer outcomes for the population as a whole.    


With an extensive portfolio of innovative services for governments, international institutions and partner organizations across the public and private sectors, we offer services that are innovative and flexible. Our experts work in partnership with you to create robust solutions to international trade challenges.





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