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To export textile and leather products to 埃及 you must comply with the requirements of the country’s mandatory quality and safety standards.

Implemented and monitored by 埃及’s General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOEIC) the Conformity Assessment Scheme requires certification for a variety of imported goods. SGS is approved by GEOIC and the 埃及ian Accreditation Council (EGAC) as a third party inspecting company for this service. We can assess the conformity of restricted products against 埃及ian, 或国际, standards as applicable.

2011年末,, the 埃及ian Ministry of Trade and Industry (MFTI) issued two ministerial decrees which require an inspection certificate for each shipment of textile and leather products imported into 埃及. 随后, GOEIC issued a new decree, 961/2012, cancelling and replacing the two previous ministerial decrees (626/2011 and 660/2011). Its details are as follows:

Executive Ministerial Decree of 961/2012:

  • Readymade garments/clothes
  • Carpet and carpet floor covering
  • 家用纺织品
  • Footwear and sport shoes
  • 皮包

Wallets and belts may be assessed at the client’s request.

How to achieve certification under this program

Every consignment of restricted goods is to be physically inspected at origin by an approved third party inspection company before shipment and samples of the products must be analyzed in an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory to demonstrate compliance with the 埃及ian Standards. A Certificate of Inspection will be issued per consignment.


一个出口商, 制造商, supplier or importer should approach their nearest affiliate office or SGS 埃及 for guidance. Importers must provide full exporter details so that we can contact our affiliate office in the country of supply. They will then coordinate the supplier side.

我们将请求, 从出口国, all appropriate product and shipment information (test reports, 技术表, 形式发票, 等.). This enables us to properly identify the goods, determine whether the test reports relate to the goods to be shipped and also to verify that they meet 埃及ian standards and requirements.

If documents do not conform to 埃及ian standards and/or requirements, we will contact the exporter to arrange for advance sampling and testing. (A quotation for the services will be supplied for settlement prior to our visit.)

在完成, all test reports will be forwarded to the affiliate office and they will arrange the final pre-shipment inspection. We will evaluate the results of the inspection and testing and if they are compliant, issue a Certificate of Inspection upon receipt of the final invoice and transport document.

With decades of experience managing conformity assessment programs around the world we offer efficient and comprehensive solutions to speed your leather and textile products’ route to market, ensure quality and safety and reduce potential losses.

Contact your local SGS office for further information.




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