南苏丹 – Conformity Assessment Program

Meet technical regulations and applicable standards for shipping goods into 南苏丹.

Effective May 1, 2021, SGS is providing Pre-Export Verification of Conformity (PVOC) services for consignments shipped into 南苏丹, in accordance with a contract between SGS and the 南苏丹 Ministry of Trade and Industry, through the 南苏丹 National Bureau of Standards (SSNBS).

The objective of the program is to ensure that imports into 南苏丹 meet the requirements of the technical regulations and applicable standards stipulated by SSNBS, to prevent importation of non-compliant goods into 南苏丹.

Basic Program Features

  • Goods imported into 南苏丹 require a Certificate of Conformity (CoC)
  • The CoC is a mandatory clearance document for each consignment
  • The exporter is liable for any legal or economic consequences arising for goods shipped without the corresponding CoC

Depending on the certification route, SGS provides one or a combination of the following interventions:

  • Physical inspection prior to shipment
  • Sampling, testing and analysis in accredited laboratories
  • Audit of product manufacturing processes
  • Documentary check and assessment of conformity with the requirements of the applicable technical regulations and standards

Goods subject to PVoC:

  • Toys and sports equipment
  • Electrical and electronic
  • 汽车 (including new and used vehicles)
  • Chemical products
  • Mechanical materials and gas appliances
  • Paper and stationery
  • Furniture (wood and metal articles)
  • 安全 (personal protective equipment)
  • 食物 and food products
  • Construction materials
  • Medical devices and pharmaceuticals
  • Used products
  • Fuel/petroleum products

SGS is the global leader in inspection, 验证, testing and certification services, with decades of experience managing conformity assessment programs worldwide. We offer efficient and comprehensive solutions delivered by a team of dedicated professionals to ensure your shipments meet 南苏丹’s requirements.



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