Occupational or Industrial 卫生 监控

Occupational/industrial hygiene monitoring protects worker’s health.

成功的, sustainable businesses manage worker health protection to reduce the extent and severity of work-related illnesses and their related costs.

SGS Occupational/Industrial 卫生 dafabetcasino手机版

We offer a range of services to help companies protect their employees from failures in industrial hygiene procedures. dafabetcasino手机版 include:

  • Qualitative assessments per Similar Exposure Groups (SEG)
    • Hazard identification
    • Estimating potential severity of exposure
    • 抽样 plan development
  • Quantitative assessments including:
    • Airborne chemical contaminant exposure measurements & 评估
    • Physical exposure measurements & 评估(e.g. noise, radiation, heat stress, vibration)
    • Biological agent 评估
  • Exposure data management
    • 当地的 & global standards comparisons
    • Statistical analysis
    • 数据库输入
  • Control program development, auditing
    • Ventilation system evaluation
    • Hearing conservation
    • Respiratory protection
    • Specific hazards, including:
      • 石棉
      • 引领
      • 甲醛
  • Educational material development


With a global network of hygienists and sampling experts based in more than 60 countries and covering over 100 countries, our state-of-the-art expertise and cutting-edge monitoring systems will help your business establish effective industrial hygiene programs. Our occupational hygienists work in a broad range of industries and are available for global and local projects; providing a bespoke service to meet your requirements.

Supported by our global Center of Excellence, SGS Galson in Syracuse (美国), we offer the latest innovation in industrial hygiene monitoring, deliver an unrivaled expertise and guidance to our clients and even provide equipment rental solutions for industrial hygiene professionals.

To learn more about occupational hygiene monitoring, contact your local SGS office.





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