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Executive search solutions from SGS – save time, money and reduce risk when recruiting.

Successful headhunting is about investing time, understanding clients industry, vision, values and business strategy.  We actively hunt for talent that is not on the market, not searching for their next career move or on job boards. We understand that talent needs to be made aware of great opportunities that meet their career aspirations

Employing our executive search solutions means working with SGS on an exclusive basis with a dedicated consultant providing your main point of contact, plus we deliver the following key activities:

  • Assignment Brief:  Understanding the role, key competencies, and technical requirements
  • Company target list: Working alongside a client we present a company target list for approval
  • Research and selection: Produce a list of suggested candidates to approach which you would approve
  • Pre-screening and preliminary interviews: We conduct pre-screening and preliminary interviews to gauge the interest and experience of candidates
  • SGS interview: We conduct a thorough interview along with competency-based questioning. This phase addresses experience, goals, ambitions, integrity, salary expectations and provide in-depth information on the position and client company
  • Candidate shortlist: A comprehensive list of the most suitable candidates who have passed the screening process
  • Client interviewing: Arrange and coordinate first and second round interviews between client and candidate
  • Feedback meeting: Once all candidates have been interviewed we would help you to reach a successful conclusion
  • Formal offer: You would identify the most suitable candidate and we would support you and the candidate throughout the offer process to ensure both parties reach an agreement

Using this method and working exclusively with SGS will save you time, money and reduce risk in finding the perfect employee.

Why choose executive search recruitment services from SGS?

Our team of professional consultants have developed an effective and successful headhunting process.  Every search is different and specially tailored to our clients’ needs. A dedicated team of consultants drive the search process, giving you the confidence they we will find the talent you need.
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