Multiphase Measurement

Gain accurate flexible and reliable multiphase measurement.

Multiphase flow metering from SGS continuously measures the individual flow rates of oil, water and gas during a well’s production, without physically separating the various phases.

The need for flow rate measurement at various stages of a well’s lifetime has increased as the industry explores the economic viability of existing reservoirs for optimization and development. Our multiphase measurement solution offers you the highest levels of accuracy, flexibility and reliability.

Why choose multiphase measurement from SGS?

We help you to:

  • Gain accurate and reliable multiphase flow meter measurements
  • Utilize a compact, mobile and cost-effective solution
  • Understand a well’s performance through its lifetime – from exploration to enhancement
  • Benefit from quick well diagnostics at a lower cost per well test (compared to other methodologies)


We provide the world’s most comprehensive range of integrated inspection, 测试, certification and advisory services, powered by the latest technology and digital tools. We use the ROXAR 2600 model MPFM, tested and certified by NEL TUV-SUD and CEESI accreditation bodies, incorporating the latest Zector near wall measurement technology and unique interchangeable venturi. This enables a quick response to different flow phase regimes and changing flowrates with a high degree of accuracy.

With unrivaled field operating experience and a global network of experts, we provide solutions in a vast range of offshore and onshore environments. With a proven track record of over 2,000 successful well 测试 operations, we provide:

  • 生产 and reservoir monitoring
  • Mobile well 测试
  • 生产 allocation
  • 气体 lift and choke optimization
  • Wet gas metering

Our team of highly experienced field engineers are supported remotely by technical experts monitoring individual projects to ensure the highest level of data integrity.



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